Interview with WTFHYD

-Why the abbreviation WTFHYD – (WHAT THE F*** HAVE YOU DONE)?
Actually – the main reason was to make it possible to do instagram / Facebook and google advertising , they didn’t like the profanity as much as I did I guess πŸ˜‰

-Who is/are the founder/founders and where is the main company based?
Rhiyen Sharp , a talent manager and agency director based in New York City

-Why choose WTFHYD as a brand?
To support a little dark humor brand which finds the same things and people as frustrating as you do.

-What process do WTFHYD go through to select products for it’s brand?
Everything we design and make ourself

-What are your WTFHYD bestsellers?
The ‘fuck you‘ necklace

– Have you got competitors?
If yes, how do you as a brand stand out?
I love any brands I see which are working with the same ideas as we are, so prefer to support them rather than view them as competitors. I started making things I liked and wanted myself , and it developed into a funny , dark but hopefully uplifting aesthetic. I love Urban Sophistication Boutique for the same reasons.

-What are your upcoming line-ups?
So many new products coming up soon. Two different styles of sunglasses , a 5 color line of mens and women sneakers and more jewelry experimenting with different precious stones.

-Whats your advertisement target audience?
Anywhere which will accept us ! even the abbreviation is too much for Instagram unfortunately.

-How do you feel when featured?
Its huge, but to see someone wearing, or posting something I made is the biggest and best feeling. I check the tagged photos constantly and repost πŸ™‚ it was pretty awesome and a huge surprise to see Rihanna wearing the ‘fuck you‘ necklace first , and then Drake posting the ‘fuck off’ money clip online .

-How does WTFHYD gives back to the community in terms of creativity?
(Do you offer internships to young creatives?)
Im always open to working with other people whose vision might match mine in some way.

-What does the future hold for “WTFHYD” as a brand?
Hopefully more store placements this year!

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