Interview With Twinscloset9

What can you tell me about yourself?
We are identical twins that are 2 minutes apart. We have different tastes in things believe it or not…especially when it comes to the opposite


What is Twinscloset9?
Is a fashion blog dedicated to showcasing a visual, vibrant scenic view of items in our closet.

Tell me how you first got involved in with fashion.
It started from watching our mum dress up to go to parties and watching her select her outfits from her countless shoes, bags and clothes. This ignited our passion for dressing up. From there we experimented with different looks and grew within fashion.


How do you both feel doing this together?
This is great since we are doing something we are passionate about with someone you love.

What does TwinsCloset9 plan to bring to the fashion market?
Twinscloset9 plan to bring new ideas, showcasing confidence regardless of body shape, creativity and fashion advice.


How was it like to work with Suxceed16 swimwear?
Really fun and insightful, we were working with someone who was extremely driven with her brand and was clear with what she wanted, which was really inspiring. We liked a post and she contacted us and the rest is history.


How is your fashion blog getting?
We are pushing ourselves to the limit and becoming allot more consistent.

What is the driver (motivation) to your fashion blog and what makes you say that?
Paston..because when there’s no passion there’s no drive.


Do you think you are being creative enough (considering you’re Twins)?
Yes, we are exploring many ways to showcase our fashion creativity…hence why we have started utilising videos in our posts. We are also looking into adding more artistic pictures.


How is the reaction from social media networks?
Since have become allot more consistent as a result we are starting to get a allot of positive feedback, reposts from other fashion accounts appreciating our work which is a plus.


Do you have any future goals for your brand?
We want to be recognised as a fashion influencer and collaborate with fashion brands.


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