Interview with the Image_Ambassador

I am super excited to finally interview you! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you and thank you again for doing this interview with us.

So first thing, for those that aren’t familiar with your dopeness, tell us about your instagram name “@image_ambassador & the reasoning to why you’ve chosen this name?

Thank you for this opportunity! Truly humbled. Let’s do it. Well let me first break down the definition of image and ambassador separately. I chose ambassador for the exact definition an authorized representative or messenger of a specific country or place.

I chose the word image because I wanted any person that landed on my page, seeking style, image consulting and social media content etc. I wanted to be that go to guy. I wanted to address the notion of image from a wholistic perspective, not just the way you look but how you feel; from the inside out. I want to be that anomaly, aiding in highlighting content; not just focusing on appearance but becoming an individual that people want to seek out and learn from.

I like that, how you broke down both words while dropping some insight for us Mr. Image Ambassador, we want to know what city do you rep ?

*laughs*, Dallas, Texas! I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, a southern boy at heart, then I moved to Chicago in 2006 and relocate to Dallas last year for a fresh start and to pursue new opportunities.



What drew you to fashion, specifically Menswear?

I believe in purpose, which is a God-given path, pre plan for the direction of your life. It’s like a trail of bread crumbs and once you find that path you just keep in alignment and fulfil your purpose, So yeah I felt the whole fashion & menswear in ways is tied to my purpose.

My whole life I was interested in fashion, I just never knew people got paid for it or could have a successful legit career out of it. I’ve always dressed the way I wanted to be addressed at an early age.

I didn’t know about styling, fashion, tailoring etc… but back in high school I presented myself a certain way; I started wearing suits, dress shirts, bow ties even suspenders to school with that mindset of, if I want to be successful I should look it.

Dressing for where I wanted to go before actually being there.

A principle I always share with others; Instead of getting dressed based on your mood, get dressed on your mindset; where you see yourself going towards. After I graduated I still had that passion for menswear so I decided to pursue it in hopes of getting into the retail industry and launching my own menswear brand.

I loved how you touched on the aspect of being a beginner and starting from the bottom now we’re here! *Inserts Drake Lyric*



What do you think makes you an Influencer in this space at this time?

I think part of being a good Influencer these days is not just showing but teaching.  As an Influencer, people look to you for fashion tips and style advice. People don’t want to go on your page and just see what you do, they actually want you to show them how you do it. I think the teaching aspect plays a huge roll in influencing these days because people want to learn. If you can find a creative way to teach people, you can truly influence them.

In such a way they come back for more. Whether people come to my page for fashion tips or style advise I can provide all those things for them. So it’s not just about posting pictures and it’s not just about having lots of followers. It is about engaging with your community. Responding to people, liking, commenting and building influence with as many people as possible. Whether that’s locally, nationally or internationally. The goal is to reach and affect as many people as possible.

I hope the readers are learning a lot as well. I think people have a narrow view of what influencers really do and the reality i.e work then play. Myths exposed!




What’s next for 2018?

Well I just recently launched my own menswear brand called J.C. Scott and I currently work as a custom clothier providing custom suits, shirts and vest. The goal is to eventually build a full menswear brand with expansion into menswear accessories, I want to not only provide suits but everything a client would need to compliment.




So for those who don’t know, you do a lot fam!

 Empowering young men, you’re an empowerment speaker and you not only make amazing suits but your clients are celebrity NFL Players?! Can you speak on all that you do?

The goal as far as my brand I see my suits being worn by Professional Athletes, Speakers, Business Professionals, Actors and anyone wanting to take their life and personal style to the next level. I just recently had the opportunity to work with the Cowboys NFL Fullback Keith Smith, to make him a custom suit for his Super Bowl party.

That’s Huge, In case you didn’t know!

I know it was an amazing opportunity and it was super exciting. He has put in orders for a few more suits as well. To touch on my speaking though, I am also an empowerment speaker; I host dress for success events at High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches and Conferences. My presentations touch on first impressions, image consulting, the power of image and how to properly dress professional.


What feedback would you give to young aspiring Menswear Influencers?

Be creative and take risks.

A lot of people are afraid to dress the way they want because of what people might think. You can eliminate those bad thoughts, you can be yourself; you can express the way you feel on the inside outward. Not everyone will approve but your own approval is the most important.

I am not afraid with my fashion or style; stepping outside of the box is where I am my best.

If you want to wear something just wear it!  Fashion is up for interpretation, it’s about what you like. That’s a differentiating factor in the fashion world today, being yourself.



Fun Fact : What don’t we know about you?

Well I think its funny, and a lot of people don’t know and its fashion related.

I own about 20 suits out of all of them I do not own a black suit or tuxedo at all…

That’s a staple how do you not own a staple!

I know, I just don’t, I’m sorry everyone! *laughs* That’s my fun fact.

Thank you so much Mr. Image Ambassador … Oh shoot they don’t even know your real name , *laughs*

Jacob Clayton

Yes, I encourage you to follow Jacob aka the @image_ambassador  a great person on social media & off.  Please check out J.C. Scott his menswear brand & find him on Instagram! We look forward to seeing you on the world stage.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, I appreciate you, Jas!



Thank you all for taking time to read, I hope you enjoyed! 

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Interview done by @jasmine_swimmer

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  1. Great interview, and I truly enjoyed how you easily shared what most haven’t a clue regarding fashion.

  2. Great Interview! Much Success to @image_ambassador and his brand. I just started my journey of dressing more business casual. And I also don’t care to own a black suit

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