Interview With Style.17

What can you tell me about yourself?
My real name is David Olofsson but better known as Style.17 on Instagram. I’m 22 years old and I live in a quite small town called Karlstad in Sweden. I’ve had my blog on Instagram up and running for 18 months. I’m a teacher by profession and beside fashion, football is my biggest passion.

Tell me how you first got involved in with fashion?
As a teenager I found out that dressing in a way expresses oneself.I was lost and had a hard time finding my style and that moment developed into a bad self-esteem. When I turned 20, it all turned around. I had no problem experimenting styles to find the look I was comfortable with and how I wanted to express myself with the way I dress and look.

How did your page come about?
It started out as something for my own sake, but has now developed into something bigger. I followed some bloggers on my personal account and just felt like it would be nice to give it a go. I’m very drawn to the idea of being able to inspire others and get inputs from others to develop on my style. It’s just a great way of inspiring each other.

Style.17 What’s your story?
I went from being a boy without confidence, who only dressed in sportswears just to play football on lunch breaks in school into a man who realised that “life is too short to wear boring clothes”. Through fashion I found confidence and interest.

What’s the ideology behind your page?
I can’t really say that I have an ideology for my page. I post pictures I like and give inspiration to others even if it’s just a bracelet, to be able to give others ideas on how to look their best and develop interest in fashion.

What is a good early story about your business?
Well at first I didn’t tell anyone close to me that I had started this micro blog on Instagram, not even my girlfriend. I took all the pics myself when I got off work with my phone. Now on the other hand as I have grown I get a lot of help from my girlfriend with taking pictures and finding good shooting locations.

What do you find most enjoyable and what makes you say that?
Well as I said before, -” I’m very drawn to the idea of being able to inspire others and get inputs from others to develop on my style. It’s just a great way of inspiring each other.”

I also like that you get connections with people all over the world and can create your own network. You can exchange ideas, inspiration and help each other out. You can really make friends out of it in the end on both a personal and a business level.

Who inspires/motivates you?
I must say that my inspiration is the whole blogger/fashion world itself and not any particular blogger. It is the difference in all the bloggers and pages I follow on Instagram and other forums that gives me inspiration. You pick up something here and there and combines it into your own style. So really, I have to thank all the bloggers and fashion enthusiasts out there.

What is unusual or unique about your business, in comparison to your comparisons or similar business?
It is hard to say what is different really. Besides that I am me. I think it is important to post things that you are interested in and that you personally think are good. The moment you start blogging about someone else I believe you’d be going down the wrong path…you will lose the happiness in it and that is the key. You need to like what you do, otherwise it would just come out bad. It is my mantra(“a statement or slogan repeated frequently“) to post things I personally think is good and be happy.

Your greatest achievements?
Hmm…tough question. I think it is hard to rank. Starting my page and going for it is the biggest one. Also, hitting the 10k mark was nice, a nice one.

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