Interview with Pythagore Antoine

First of all, thanks for doing this interview with us. For starters, what’s your name and does it have a unique meaning? Where do you reside? And What’s your Instagram handle?

My name is Pythagore Antoine. Pythagore like the Pythagorean theorem. And yes, as I stated earlier my name comes from the Pythagorean theorem a2+b2=c2 it’s mathematical. You can find me in Brooklyn, New York man. Lived uptown for about 5 years and now I’m back home. @pythagore_hemingway_the_poet on Instagram.

Oh wow! That’s a pretty dope and unique name. Tell me more about where you’re from and your background. 

Uh I was born in Haiti. I came here when I was about 6 turning 7. I grew up in Brooklyn, East Flatbush. Shout outs to all the spots before gentrification! So, yea I’m a Brooklyn cat!

Does your culture or background have an influence on your style? 

Oh, very much so! I feel like I’m urban/prep I do my own thing in between those two. Growing up in Brooklyn I feel like the sneaker culture was very influential to me. Even the cowboy style shows prep. I mean my favorite rap group is Outkast so that shows I’m all about the eclectic thing. But, then comes Biggie and Jay-Z who are hard representers of New York. So, I think my style comes from all of that, it’s definitely very Brooklyn.

Who is or who was your biggest fashion influence?

There was and is! I would say I love Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye – they had their own flare, they were eclectic before the word eclectic. Andre 3000 of course. I don’t think that there is anybody flyer than him! So, those are my main influencers but I can go back even further. Poitier, Muhammad Ali these guys had style as well and also confidence.

Oh dope! You definitely said some names I didn’t expect you to throw out there! I’m gonna look into those names myself. Moving on to my next question. A lot of people have their own version of style. Can you tell me what style means to you?

So, style is basically taking fashion or garment and making them your own thing! I think fashion is one thing but style comes from your soul. It’s also part of your culture, it’s how you’re brought up, it’s how you feel!

So, what exactly do you do in the fashion industry?

I recently just recently left my job at RRL by Ralph Lauren where I was a stylist. I also worked as a salesman but that side of Ralph Lauren is a little different because it’s based on clientele. You get to give your input to clients on what to wear and etc. Also, I would say my Instagram is a blog/poet home. The reason ” The Poet” is in my name because we are all walking poetry. We are all in between momentum when it comes to life. We are walking in style! So, yea you can say I’m a blogger, stylist, and stylish guy!

What made you start documenting your style?

Actually, two very close friends of mine. Marc and Ryan have been telling me this for years, I’m talking about over 10 years ago and I’ve only been blogging for 2 years. They would always say ” aye bro I bet if you post pictures and take pictures every day you’ll receive a certain volume or following. So, from then I started it 2 years ago and it’s been working for me ever since. So it’s not all my idea it’s really my close friends.

Wow! We have very similar stories as to how we started! That’s amazing. I see you have an affinity for hats, how did that start?

Well, the only thing I can think of was wearing my great grandfather’s hats in Haiti. I have old pictures holding his shirts, his cane and his hats. It’s something that started in the 80s for me. My great-grandfather was a pretty cool guy. Although Haiti was warm he owned a lot of felt hats. So, yes I would say it started from there. When I was 14 I bought my first hat which was a cap! It wasn’t expensive but it was what I could afford. About 85% of the hats I wear are from Flamekeepers Hat Club. I wouldn’t say I’m a Hat collector but a collector of things and hats have been my GO TO since I was 15.

What are some things you hope to accomplish with your blogging?

Well when it comes to the blogging, the more volume you have the more people are seeing you. So, one day hopefully soon I’d like to own something. And use that volume of people or following to express myself. With me, it’s not really about the money although I understand we need to pay bills etc. I just wanna let people see my soul and show my artistic side to the world. Whether through clothing line, my poetry or books. There’s a ton of things a wanna get into. And I think my blog is the beginning on those things.

Last but not least! Are there any photographers or brands you’d like to work with?

Well I mean I worked with Paul Stuart. We didn’t continue it but they’re still one of my favorite brands. RRL by Ralph Lauren I used to work for them and would love to work with them. And I’m just open to cool brands. I’d even work with Supreme you know! But Ralph Lauren has always been a go to for me. I’m just used to the classics.

To see more of Pythagore Antoine follow his Instagram. @pythagore_Hemingway_the_poet

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Interview was done by Sean Mayers

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