Interview with Percy Hicks

Aye brother, what’s going on? How’s everything? So, let’s kick this thang off with something simple. What’s your name and how did you come up with your IG handle?

My name is Percy Hicks and my IG handle is @eclecticlifestylesbypercyhicks . And uhh the way that I came up with it is, I feel like my style is eclectic. It’s drawn from many different inspirations. You’ll never see me just in one lane, you’ll see me try to play with all that I respect from each of the lanes. And that’s it whatever I find from each genre of dressing that I feel resignates with me I try to figure out how can I pull it into my style. Like, how will this work for me? So, if it’s oversized how can I fit the proportions of oversized into what I already do and make it feel seamless. With anything thats eclectic you want that element of surprise.

Alright alright, thats pretty dope. Great explanation! So, let us know where are you from brother? 

Uhhh I’m from New York City originally the Bronx. I now reside in Rahway, New Jersey.

Oh nice! I’m actually in Jersey myself so I’ll call you my Jersey Brother! Haha!… On another note when did you start documenting your fashion and why?

I started documenting my fashion maybe about 3 years ago. I really kind of owe my documenting to a client I was styling at the time. He told me ” Man if you’re gonna do this thing people need to see what you’re doing.  Stylists are usually behind the scenes and aren’t really noticed. If you’re gonna want to build a business you’re definitely gonna have to let people see you.” So, that’s basically how I started on IG.

Nice! I can definitely agree with that. So, who is or who was your biggest fashion influence?

Hmmmm that’s tough! Can I do favorites? Okay okay I’m gonna do favorites because it’s far too many! Okay Andre3000 for sure, Miles Davis, Sammy Davis Junior, Diana Ross and another current! Tracee Ellis Ross yea she’s a beast. Just the way she plays with fashion is so non chalant and effortless.

Do you think she’s styling herself?

I think alot of it comes from her. I think when she first started in the beginning you can see alot of vintage hints and I think that they came from her mother’s wardrobe. I mean don’t quote me on that but you can definitely see the influence.

So, you said you’re from the Bronx correct!? Does your culture or how you were raised have an influence on your style?

Hell Yes!! And ummm I think that New York in itself has this eclectic vibe. Honestly, like there’s not just one type of person that lives in New York City. And even if you find two rockers that live in New York, they’re not gonna look the same!! It’s always this variance and I think that the city has a way of breathing life and inspiration into individuals if you allow yourself to be open to it. And just not New York but the Tri State in general, but definitely the Bronx gave me a little edge that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.  People don’t see it alot but I definitely have street influences. I grew up always wearing baseball caps, always in nautica puff jackets and everything that was current in the 90s. That’s what I was up with and I’m still not trying to leave it behind, I’m trying to think what are those things that I vibe with that won’t change. 

Ok, here’s a question I’ve been waiting to ask you. What are some of the biggest stylist challenges you’ve faced? I know there’s some because I too face them everyday! Hahaha

I mean, number 1 it’s a challenge but it’s a good challenge I call it opportunity. It’s to meet the client where they are. I never try to give clients my esthetic. I always try to find out what it is about them, what they love and how can I develop that or how can we amplify that. At the end of the day I don’t want you walking around with my style. I want you to develop your own style. Look into your closet and see the things that you love. Another challenge is finding the right vendors. Finding the right vendors can be big. Depending on my clients ,sometime I like to shop vintage for them and have it tailored. I always push that because my clients want individuality. They don’t want to look like everybody, they don’t want to shop where everyone shops. If we can find great pieces with great bones in vintage stores and shops then they can take them have it tailored to them and they now have a one of a kind piece that nobody else has which is made with quality!

You know it’s funny, I recently seen an occupation as ” Personal Thrift Shopper” and thought to myself ” Why didn’t I think of that!” 

I mean, really what I think the biggest one is meeting the client where they are. It’s not really a challenge like I said I think it’s just something you derive to everytime you meet somebody new , you gotta find out what makes them tick.

I feel like those are the greatest things about styling because it so many different personalities. You’re not gonna get the same flavor with each client! Great insight to the stylist world brother! You’ve hit home with some of these answers. But I have a question that I’m sure our audience would love. What’s next on the horizon for Mr.Hicks? What can we expect from you in 2018? 

The bag line is the biggest thing. I’m focusing almost all my energies and finances into that!

Do you have a name for the bag line?

Eclectic by Percy Hicks

Hahaha so you love that word that’s cool I like that.

Haha I’m telling you I think that honestly it is just who I am. Seriously, it’s who I been since I was 5 years old. I didn’t come up with a brand strategy. When I had to think about what made me who I am it is those different influences from all over the place, because it’s not just hip hop it’s jazz, it’s not just jazz it’s rock. 

Okay , piggybacking off my last question. Who’s your biggest peer inspiration. As far as your friends who inspires you fashionably? 

I’m the biggest fan of those I call my ” Uncles” in this game. For instance Guerreisms , he’s definitely tops. Jason Andrews is killer! Kamal is amazing. I mean it’s pythagore, for his ability to layer. It’s you for your vintage style. Like, I can’t even have a favorite man. I mean, I really look up to those the most who really helped me navigate the seeds. That would have to be Guerreisms. There’s this cat named Ali from out in Brooklyn, he’s a beast! His instagram handle is @anoblesavage . @streetetiquette I mean come on man @artcomesfirst there’s so many people bro. You know, this is the thing about being eclectic to me. It’s like not only do I admire my peers but I take a little bit from them. A little bit from people I admire as far as style is concerned and it lives inside of me. 

To close it all out. Last but certainly not least. Who would you like to work with going forward and why?

 Ummm okay I got it. Josh from @streetetiquette. I would love to have him shoot me. The reason why is, I like edits that say something. Not just editing just to edit , and for some reason I feel like his edits just bring a different vibe and energy. So as far as photography Is concerned I would love for him to shoot me. 

How about bloggers? 

I don’t know man that’s a hard one. Its just too many people that I respect man seriously. So for me to answer that question would be putting a gun to my head!

Hahahha great answer! So we’ll end it on that note brother. Again thanks for your time and it was a pleasure.

To see more of Percy Hicks follow his Instagram. @eclecticlifestylesbypercyhicks

Photographer: Geoffrey Marshall

Instagram: @f4mediageoff

Interview done by Sean Mayers.

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