Interview with Omar Parkman

I am here with the Omar Parkman the heart-throb.

So tell us about your alter persona @thereal_chuck_bass  & why you chose that Instagram name to describe yourself?

For those that don’t know, Chuck Bass is the sinister yet suave character from the popular tv series Gossip Girl!

So, my sister was really into Gossip Girl and she would always attempt to entice me to watch with her, of course, I never wanted to, until I saw Chuck Bass.

I admired his demeanour, dapper style & sinister attitude; as you said. I saw myself in him in many ways; through clothing & expression not so much personality; I am definitely not the sinister type but the style; for sure. When it comes to my style and fashion, I would definitely say my alter ego is that of Chuck Bass, that’s why I chose that Instagram handle.

Chuck Bass was an iconic character on Gossip Girl, and I figured a lot people would know him and get the reference when they saw my style.

So I personally, was obsessed with Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass as well. For those that have watched the show, know Chuck Bass had no boundaries when it came to clothing!

So that leads to my next question, When did you start taking your style seriously?

So I started to take my style seriously, at the beginning of my junior year of high school.

I experienced a season of deep depression my entire sophomore year. And before that time, I was known as that swag or cool guy but I just dressed typical; like every other guy in my area. It was the classic white tees, jeans, fitted snap back, sneakers that type of style.

During that dark time; my wardrobe started to reflect how I felt, I started wearing sweatpants and hoodies every day. A lot of my peers that used to praise my style began inquiring:

What happened to you?!

I was in a rut. It was just an inner realization; I looked at myself and realize I wasn’t happy with how I was presenting myself and began altering my appearance.

I wanted to be addressed in a new way and my confidence in myself changed completely. At that time I made a decision not to go back to how I used to dress, which symbolized an individual; people wanted to label instead of who I really was.

Honestly, I liked how you touched on that, because truly on the cusp of realization of self; does personal identity & style begin to manifest.

That realization of dressing about how you feel, the colours, the prints, the feel of the fabric; how it makes you feel is more important than being a cookie cutter copy.


I am excited to know; for those that don’t know Omar Parkman aka thereal_chuck_bass has been featured; it seems like everywhere, in Essence, FashionBombDaily and on Empire the Most Epic Black Show Ever; if you don’t know about Empire your Black Card should be revoked *haha*

So my question to you, what was the most memorable opportunity to date?

This is so funny, someone actually asked me this exact question a few weeks ago. Many of you may be surprised by this answer,  you would think it would be Empire naturally; I meet Cookie, and made some amazing connections with the rest of the cast as well.

It was fun however my favourite opportunity thus far has been my features on FashionBombDaily. I was featured as FashionBomber of the Day and then just recently for Top 5 Best Dressed Men of 2017. Those two accomplishments are by far my most memorable simply because I take my style & fashion seriously; that is who I am, my canvas and my outlet for expression.

So, recognition by a platform that has over 1.1 million followers and viewers was mind-blowing for me. I’m a pretty humble guy but I know I have a unique style that’s unmatched; however to be noticed by this type of calibre; renowned platform was just surreal. I would have to say that was my most memorable opportunity so far.

*Side Conversation*

People are like: What! You were on Empire?!  Where!

I seen you, I’m like freeze frame *haha*

Honestly, I actually put together that look in that scene and Cookie just came up to me; out of nowhere and complimented my outfit!

That’s huge in case you didn’t know!

*haha* I know! Yes, Taraji P Henson, That’s my baby right there. Love you, Taraji!

Back on Track!

I love how you are so open and this is so new to you; that you were floored that huge platforms like Essence  & FashionBombDaily seen you!

Exactly! Honestly, Thankful.

So you were listed as one of the Top 5 Best Dressed Men of 2017 by FashionBombDaily!

My question to you, do you think your beard had a part to play in that opportunity?

Part Two – Do you think growing your beard has changed your life?

Ah, I knew this was coming *haha*

I knew my beard would be a topic of discussion. It’s like should we hand the interview over to the BEARD?!


So, does the beard come into play, yes, it does. Simply because my beard is my accessory; well in my opinion. I believe my beard helps influence decisions because it gives my look a different aesthetic; that casting directors like.

Alongside my style, my beard coupled with that definitely helps me to stand out even more.

So the second part again?

So I love that! You did say your beard is like an accessory; like for women. Our hair is our accessory, colour it, straighten it,  natural or put a wig on it; your preference.

So; your beard do you feel like it has opened doors for you or given you better opportunities?

Yes, I can definitely say that. For the record, with or without my beard I would still be Omar Parkman, I would still be marketable, I would still be a great Model,  Stylist, Influencer, Actor & Public figure in general.

I feel personally that a lot of places or opportunities focus the most attention on my beard rather than me; Omar Parkman who happens to have a beard. I want to be known for me; not my beard, and of course it’s cool to be known for my beard & style but I want to be valued for what I can bring to the table i.e my skills, talents, and craft; not just a cool beard.

I have actually been tempted to cut my beard many times.

I’m glad you touched on that thought, What if you decided to cut your beard would the same opportunities be there, would you still be valuable as Omar Parkman and what you bring to the table?!

Definitely, thank you for touching on that, moving forward that could be a huge Brand altering decision; beard or no beard that is the question?!

So we know the Ladies love the beard, the style; I know I wouldn’t be a good interviewer if I didn’t ask, Do you have someone special in your life? If so, any Valentine’s Day plans?

I have grown up around women all my life and I’ll say, out of the many lessons my Mother has taught me she always stated; A true Gentlemen never kisses and tells.

Oh, I see! 

*haha* With that being said I’ll leave that right there. As for Valentine’s Day, I haven’t made any plan as of yet, but who knows.

Alright, ladies, you heard it here first, I tried it (Tamar Braxton Voice)

So what can we expect next from Omar Parkman; Model, Actor, Stylist and Influencer in 2018?

So in 2018, you can expect the continuation of 2017!

Bigger, Better, Badder, Stronger…. Better *haha* That’s the goal!


Do you have any far out goals; people you hope to meet/work with; that you want to put out into the universe.

For example, collaborating with Diddy or appearing on the runway at NYFW; anything that crazy?

I would love to be involved with Gucci somehow; Gucci is one of my favourite Fashion House’s, despite what tabloids say; as you know, because we’ve talked about this. *haha* Yes, I would love to be involved with Gucci whether it be a partnership, sponsorship, styling or modelling.

Hmm, yes *side eye*

That’s one. Far out of this world goal, would be to somehow work with Rihanna on some level, whether it be modelling for a Fenty collaboration or anything honestly. I know a few close peers that have modelled for and with Rihanna on her campaigns.


Yeah, that’s my baby, my bae right there!

Alright, Rihanna we are putting it out there, Omar is putting it out there *haha*

I’m coming for you baby, I’m coming *haha*

I love that you fearlessly put that out in the universe. And based on your past accomplishments I do not think either of these goals are out of reach.

And lastly, do you have tips for the Men out there;  How to finesse for Valentine’s Day for their Lady:

Tips from the heart-throb aka Mr Steal Your Girl with a Beard?

*haha* Oh, stop!

Fellas, give me a moment,

For Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t take much effort; anyone can purchase a gift.

However, for your lady, wife, girlfriend or someone you are seeing exclusively …

Take your time.

 Ensure you romance her & show her that you care & are devoted to nurturing her deepest truths.

Oooo, that’s deep.

Well, I’m definitely going to be forwarding this to some fella’s who need to get their lives right… *side eye*

On that note!

Thank you so much, Omar Parkman, aka @thereal_chuck_bass on Instagram, please check him out, look out for more greatness coming from him this year.

Ladies, I’m sorry, I couldn’t get any more information but show him some love on IG and you never know what could happen.

Thank you so much for this Interview!

No problem, super dope.

Thank you, Jasmine a pleasure always.

Thank you all for reading.

Please give me some feedback!

Stay tuned for more.

Interview done by @jasmine_swimmer

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