Interview With Number1Fan

Could you briefly explain what Number1 clothing is about?
Number1fan is a clothing line that has an aim in supporting the new generation through fashion and other activities that no matter your situation in life, you can still be number1in all your endeavors hence our motto ; “BE NOTHING BUT NUMBER 1”


Who is the founder of Number1 and when was it launched?
The brand was founded by Joseph Duku. The whole idea and business commenced in the spring of 2014. It all started from nothing but God has been good. Still in the process of growth.

Why Number1 and what makes it unique?
The brand is very unique in its own way. Our inventory is never restocked, once the design is out of stock, it is forever unavailable. Secondly the motivational aspect of the brand helps push the youth and many others towards the right direction. That is to aim to be number1. In addition, we take pride in helping the less privileged every year with parts of our profits.

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What attracts customers to your brand and why?
We believe being number1 is something everyone aims and works towards.

What was the motivation/inspiration behind the creating of Number1 clothing?
Many at times in life, we are hit by several problems and iniquities that pushes as away from believing in ourselves and potentials. We need that one person to still believe in us and our potentials. That was what inspired us. You are number1.

Do you consider Number1 to have created its own identity in the fashion market over the past 2 years?
Yes definitely. The brand has created its own identity. It preaches being number in most of its designs which I believe few brands do. I mean in the future, we would be gearing towards several other design areas that is going to be an interesting surprise for our supporters and fans.

How is social media and networking upon the way Number1 works, brand and promote itself today?
Social media has been a very big platform for us to showcase our work to the world. Through social media we are able to reach several parts of the world we haven’t even established our self in yet. It’s been awesome!

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What is the reason behind Number1 not restocking their old designs?
Not restocking our inventory and designs is something that the board decided in the last quarter of 2015. It has a strategic impact on our line. Furthermore, we believe in uniqueness. UNIQUENESS meaning having designs that make anyone who has them feel special to be one of the few to have had such.

What was Number1 fastest selling design and why do you think it was?
Our fastest selling design was the chess design. It was very simple but had a lot of design component to it. Our aim is release a lot of other designs like the future.

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What are the future plans of Number 1 for the next 5 years? Where do you aim to be?
In the future, we look to get more designs and move into the classy fashion industry. In addition we look to opening up new shops in the States, Ghana and other parts of Europe. Our expansion to other countries is also being worked on at the moment.


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