Interview with KelvinLopes

Hello Kelvin! Thank you for doing this interview.
Could we start off with you telling a bit about yourself?.  

Where do you live? what is your name and age? and is blogging your full-time job?


My name is Kelvin Lopes.
I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. But currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I am 25 Years old. Blogging is my part-time job. I also work in a suit shop as a fitness trainer and have an app business for music based in Brazil launching soon.

Aha, nice! A lot going on then. Hope everything with the app goes well. Could you tell me about how you first got involved in fashion?

I have always been very interested in fashion. Growing up in Brazil, my fashion inspiration came from playing street basketball and doing graffiti. I moved to Vancouver around 2010 and I had been involved in modeling for a while, so fashion has always been a big part of my life.

What made you take the step and start your microblog page on Instagram

Well since I came to Vancouver people started asking me for style tips all the time. So finally in fall/winter 2015, I decided to start a blog and register my looks to hopefully inspire people in the city – and now globally as well.

Alright. What made you choose Instagram as your platform then?

Social media is really important nowadays. Being able to build a strong image and influence in social media will help you reach a lot more people you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. Everyone is connected, and this ability to reach such vast audience can be used for many reasons. Some people are looking for acceptance, others are looking to make a change. You get to be yourself or create a completely different image online. You can share your art, passion, photography, fashion, fitness journey, and so on! and you can make a business out of it. It’s also becoming more and more resume-like as many companies would rather hire someone with social media experience and influence.



 What do you find most enjoyable with blogging, and what makes you say that? 

My favorite part is to create meaningful connections with people from all over the globe. It makes me happy to read all the great comments and DMs I receive from people who do not know me personally but somehow are inspired by what I do. This is what makes me going and motivates me. The support is fantastic!

 What do you do in your spare time when you aren’t blogging? 

 I read a lot. Some of my favorite books are How to Win Friends and Influence People, The One Thing, The Happiness Advantage… etc. I am also always working on my app launching soon.

 What is your favorite item of clothing you currently own and why?

 It has to be my new Chalk Stripe Navy Suit. It’s just a beauty. So classic and timeless. I also love my new black loafers from MoralCode Footwear


Do you have any tips/tricks for upcoming bloggers/fashion enthusiasts who are inspired by people such as yourself?

 Go for it! Make sure you are working on something you are passionate about. Be approachable and humble. CONSISTENCY & QUALITY are key!

Is there anything you’d like to share with everyone viewing this magazine that not many people know about you?

I believe that being approachable and “real” with my followers is what contributed to my success. Also very hard work. My motto is always CONSISTENCY and QUALITY. When I started, I had all my photos taken with an iPhone6s, which I feel people could relate to and not be much intimidated. I would always respond to as many people as I could and make sure to only work with brands I really enjoyed, not just for the money.

I’m going to end this interview by thanking for your time and wishing you all the best in the future from the whole TrendKit team!

And finally letting you answer our Fast5-questions.

What is your favorite brand?

 -Don’t have one currently

Where would your dream house be located?

 -Ideally one in Canada, one in Brazil

What is a fashion trend you never want to see coming back?


 What is your favorite app on your phone?

 -Instagram and my alarm clock lol

What is a fashion trend you are really into right now?

-I don’t like to follow trends as they are just fads. I like to create my own trends which will always be unique and timeless.

To see more of Kelvin follow his Instagram @Kelvinlopes

Interview was done by @Style.17

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