Interview With Jelenaajuric

-What can you say about your background?

My name is Jelena and I’m from small country in Europe called Croatia.I’m not that typical girl my age.I like different stuff. My first passion is fashion. Other than that I like vintage stuff, b&w photography, shoes, rings, coffee mugs and interior design. I can’t go a day without my eyeliner.

Travelling is one of my biggest passions but I don’t really have time to travel around. But hey, I’m young so let’s hope I’ll have enough time to see the whole world! In my free time I love to take pictures.And sometimes, I do study for school (at least I have to).

-Why are you a coffee enthusiast?

We all remember that first cup of coffee; it tasted terrible. It was too hot, too bitter and too sweet but it offered the promise of alertness after a night of poor sleep.

I was getting more into coffee when I started learing about it and then every sip of new coffee is like a new adventure to me.Believe me or not coffee makes me feel good and usually I exaggerate with numbers of cups per day(haha).

-Can you tell me about your favourite coffee and coffee shop? 

In my family we drink black coffee a lot. Black coffee is actually the best coffee for you it’s like a medicine if you drink it in small amounts. But when I’m in coffee shop I usually order„espresso“. I like no or little milk in my coffee and it must be hot! As I said I like to travel and explore new places and coffee shops.I must say first what pass my eyes is nice looking and designed place for drinking my coffee.

Also I have on my blog column about coffee shops I visit.

Down here are pictures of my favorite coffee shops in Zagreb(capital of Croatia)

-What motivates and inspires you?

I don’t have exactly something that inpires me but something that definitely makes me going are people. I like meeting new people constantly it’s like my thing. Every person I know inspires me in different way it can be something that they do,talk,smile,think…And also as I said feedbeek from people but most people that mean something for you gives you a lot of motivation to continue doing what you like.

-How would you describe your personal style?

My style is changing constantly.I have phases where I wear all black and then I wear all pink or something so girly.Right now I can say I’m literally obsessed with tulle skirts and dresses.I must mention her name in this interview and that is Alexa Chung,my biggest girl crush and fashion inspiration.Some people even say that we are look like but I don’t see that haha.Her style is so simple but different and striking.

-How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

I can only say and we all know that fashion trends are coming back.60’s are my favorite era and I was really happy when all trends like stripes,A line skirts or square details came back.

-Since when did you have an interest in blogging?

Many of you will probably ask me why a 18 year old girl is blogging? Well, the whole thing is a long story but let’s say I was kind of obsessed with reading other blogs for about four year and afterwords I started to blog as well in 2010, I’m trying to get to the point where the opinions of people don’t matter, where I feel ‘total me’, no matter if others like it or not.

That time when I started blogging,fashion blogs was not very famous,so my blog was more like a place for random thoughts and ideas.

And then as I was getting more and more into fashion I started to post outfit post and people found that really interesting.In that time blogs were much more a „thing“ but today everyone is „Insta blogger“ and there is much more ways to ger recognised there.

-Tell me about how you got started with fashion illustration and fashion blogging as a career?

Definitely when I started getting more feedbeek and followers. When you find that people actually love what you are doing it’s always nice step toward a goal. First it started on blog where companies asked me to some outfit post for money or exchange for clothes but then when Instagram started to be much more bigger platform I do all my blogger job there. As for fashion illustration there is other story. I was doing that for hoby bc I actually this year I plan to enroll in fashion school here in Croatia.And then one company saw my illustrations on instagram and asked me if I want to sell them and ofcourse make a profit of that.I can’t describe you how happy I was back then.And after that I started to recieve a lot of offers from people to draw them or something for their website/blog.

-What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion illustrator?

Other than talent definitely persistence in what you are doing.There will be some days where not everything will be or look like you wanted to be but you must never give up and also don’t try to copy others just be yourself! You never know where someone would like you.

-How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

I don’t follow fashion trends I just wear what I like even if it’s „Out“ of trend. It often happened that I wear something (like this scarf on my neck on last picture) and then it become „trendy“. Fashion is something you have fun with don’t limit yourself.

-Do you have any weakness and how do you go about them?

I am perfectionist and often I think that my fashion illustrations can be much more better and I always try to learn new techniques to aprove my work.

– How can we purchase your illustrations and are you available for illustration art bookings?

My illustrations are available on link down below but If you want personal illustrations just send me an email or message me on instagram.


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