Interview With Introbrand

So, Introbrand, what’s your story?
—- Introbrand is an Instagram promotion account that pays attention to the upcoming brands all around the globe. We stand for introducing new brands.
We search for the best and latest looks and we get you the details!

What’s the ideology behind Introbrands?
—- We focus on smaller brands who try to make it in the fashion industry by giving them a promotion boost so they get more recognition and make their products more noticeable.

What is a good early story about your business?
—- We love it when we get a nice feedback from our clients and when they say the promotion really works!

Who inspires and motivates you?
—- We have a lot of people that motivates us but the most important of them all is our followers and our clients that gives us the opportunity to help them.

What is unusual or unique about your business, in comparison to your competitors or similar businesses?
—- There are a lot of fashion accounts posting the latest fashion trends and styles.
We thought of it differently.
No pictures of styles just pictures of products.
That is what makes us unique and i think we are the only Instagram account that does this.

Your greatest achievements?
—- Is to see that more bigger companies and brands asks for our promotions.

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